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Recent Alerts

Welcome to the Guaranty Bank alerts page. Here you will find alerts and notifications about holiday closings, weather closings, currents scams, and other information important to your banking safety.

Bank alerts will appear in purple and will inform you on the latest events, closings, and updates from Guaranty Bank.

Fraud alerts will appear in red and will inform you of scams, fraud attempts, and other dangers to your banking safety.

Recent Alerts

May 23, 2012- Car Thefts Expected to Increase

Another group of scammers are possibly heading our way again. Just like the group that came through last year, this group also breaks into cars to steal purses to obtain checkbooks and credit cards. They will then write checks to themselves and attempt to cash them at a bank using the last drive up lane.

They started in Lincoln, Nebraska and moved onto Omaha with significant losses. They have moved on to Des Moines this week. Police feel they will arrive to Iowa City and Cedar Rapids soon.

One way to protect yourself is to not leave your purse or wallet in any vehicle. While you're enjoying the nice weather in the park or spending time boating on the lake, be sure to keep your valuables with you. 
If you do happen to fall victim to any theft, contact your bank and any card companies immediately as well as the police. 

Contact Guaranty Bank during business hours at (319) 286-6200 or (toll free) 1-800-362-2119.
Shazam Fraud is available 24x7 at 1-866-508-2693.
Cedar Rapids Police Department (319) 286-5491.