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Recent Alerts

Welcome to the Guaranty Bank alerts page. Here you will find alerts and notifications about holiday closings, weather closings, currents scams, and other information important to your banking safety.

Bank alerts will appear in purple and will inform you on the latest events, closings, and updates from Guaranty Bank.

Fraud alerts will appear in red and will inform you of scams, fraud attempts, and other dangers to your banking safety.

Recent Alerts

May 30, 2014 Fraudulent SHAZAM Calls

We have been alerted by SHAZAM (the processor of our debit/credit cards) that some financial institutions’ cardholders are receiving fraudulent telephone calls from someone claiming to be from SHAZAM, Inc. During the telephone call, the fraudster asks the cardholder for personal information, such as a primary account number (PAN) and Personal Identification Number (PIN). It is important to remember that neither Guaranty Bank or SHAZAM will never ask for a PAN or PIN if we are calling you directly. The exception to this is if you would call SHAZAM to report a lost or stolen card.If you receive what you think is a fraudulent telephone call, please contact Guaranty Bank or SHAZAM’s client support department at 800-537-5427.