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Guaranty "on the go" Mobile Banking


Download our iPhone, iPad, and Android apps.

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Guaranty "on the go" Mobile Banking is a quick way to access your Guaranty Bank accounts right from your phone. It is basically an abbreviated version of our current On-Line Banking software that you are familiar with.

What can I do on my mobile banking?
Launch the application and with a few clicks you can (simply enter into your phone's internet browser – it will redirect you to Mobile Banking):

  • View the hours, addresses and phone numbers for all offices
  • Link to our Guaranty Bank website
  • View a list of all Guaranty Bank ATMs

Then, go to the "log-in" page, enter your On-Line Banking user name and password to:

  • See all your account balances at a glance
  • View your account history
  • View check images
  • Transfer balances
  • If you are already registered for On-Line Bill Pay, you can
    ~View your scheduled payments
    ~View your payment history
    ~Schedule a payment (only if the payee is currently set up)

What is the "Quick Look" feature?
If your phone has the capability to text message, Quick Look is a speedy way to get bits of account information.

Simply follow the easy instructions on our full website to set up your Short Message Service (SMS) or Quick Look.

While in your phone's texting application, enter our bank's short code, 61539, in the "to" line of your text screen – this is where you would generally enter a phone number to text.

Then in the message line, you would type one of the following commands depending on the information you want:

Command - GBT BAL
This message is sent in response to a balance request.

Command - GBT HIST
This message is sent in response to a transaction history request.

Command - GBT CMD
This message is sent in response to a command-listing request.

Command - GBT STOP
This message is sent in response to a device de-registration request.

Command - GBT HELP
This message is sent in response to a help request.

mobile.jpgWe've created an application shortcut for Mobile Banking that will put a link on your main screen using this icon. Please refer to your phone's user guide to determine the process for that feature.