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Security Plus


We all face unexpected financial emergencies. Guaranty Bank Security Plus is the way to address them. With Security Plus, you can write yourself a loan up to your credit limit anytime you need it, for whatever reason.

This Overdraft Protection personal line of credit is activated anytime your checking account is overdrawn. No more overdraft penalties or fees! Have cash available when you need it with no annual fee and no service charge*. You just pay the interest on the amount you borrow.

Apply for Security Plus
Please complete the application and bring it to one of our 6 locations.
You may also mail the application to:

Guaranty Bank & Trust
Security Plus Application
PO Box 1807
Cedar Rapids, IA 52406

*For security assurance, please do not submit your application electronically.

You will need Adobe to download an application. Click here to get Adobe.

* $15 late charge may apply to overdue loan payments