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Trusteer Rapport

Protect Yourself with Trusteer Rapport

As part of our continued effort to improve internet banking safety, Guaranty Bank is pleased to announce a new security solution software called Trusteer Rapport.  To download and install the software please click here.

Trusteer Rapport is lightweight security software that protects your internet banking communication from being stolen by criminals. Trusteer Rapport is highly recommended as an additional layer of security to any anti-virus or security software you already use. By protecting your internet connection and creating a tunnel for safe communication with our internet banking website, Trusteer Rapport blocks malicious attempts to steal money from your account

Dedicated Online Banking Security

  1. Trusteer Rapport adds real value on top of your current security software. Trusteer Rapport locks down the browser to prevent malicious browser tampering designed to fool victims into surrendering personal information or approving fraudulent transactions.
  2. Trusteer Rapport disables key logging and screen capturing attempts of sensitive application pages such as the login and money transfer pages.
  3. Once installed, Trusteer Rapport removes existing financial malware from end-user machines and prevents future infections.
  4. Trusteer Rapport prevents credential and payment card data theft by blocking access to suspected phishing (i.e. fake) internet banking sites.

Different from Anti-Virus & Firewalls

Anti-virus solutions take days, sometime even weeks, to detect new financial malware variants and remove them. However, fraud occurs hours after a new malware variant is released. So when your anti-virus provider eventually cleans your computer of the malware, it is already too late to prevent fraud from occurring.

Trusteer Rapport protects your computer and mitigates financial malware infections. It also communicates with us and allows us to take immediate action against changes in threat.

Easy to Use

Downloadable in seconds, Trusteer Rapport is desktop software that works in the background and doesn't call for a change in user behavior – you can bank and use the internet as usual.