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Custodial Accounts

A custodian of your investments relieves you from the routine duties associated with the management of your finances, like bookkeeping and safekeeping responsibilities. Your custodian assumes the duty of handling securities and providing investment and cash transaction accounting. You still control and manage your investments. The paperwork details are simply taken care of for you. This service does not provide investment advice and counseling, but rather the trust department, as custodian, acts at your direction.

The Guaranty Bank Trust Department, as custodian, provides the following services for a custodial account:

  • Collection and maintenance of assets in safekeeping
  • Transaction of trades in coordination with investment advisers and brokers
  • Voting of proxies
  • Disbursement of cash and assets as directed by the account owner
  • Delivery of quarterly (or more frequent) reports to the account owner
  • Delivery of tax information for the preparation of personal income tax returns