Business Loans

Bus_Bank_Comm_Srvcs_Collage.jpgStarting a new business?  Expanding your current business locations?  Poised for growth but need financial backing to take advantage of your opportunities?  Come talk to us at Guaranty Bank about your business loan needs – we’re here to help you reach your business objectives.

Guaranty Bank offers commercial real estate loans for all stages of commercial real estate development. We have experienced loan officers who can work with you when you’re buying or building a business location, if you’re working on commercial real estate development or developing a residential real estate plan.
If you’re working on expanding your business with new equipment from manufacturing systems to office systems our fixed asset loans will help keep  you in pace with demand for your services.  For expansions that include the purchase of an existing business that integrates with yours or increases your business offerings, a business acquisition loan can provide the capital you need for your investment.
Sometimes you get a windfall you didn’t prepare for in your annual budget - working capital loans are available to help you take advantage of seasonal upswings in materials needs, unexpected business growth opportunities, or to allow you to take advantage of the chance to stock up on inventory when an overstock situation means special pricing is available to you for a limited time.  Having a line of credit available to you can also help you to take advantage of discount terms with vendors and increase the ROI of your business relationship.

Make Informed Decisions about Business Loans

Now is a great time to start building a relationship with a Guaranty Bank business loan officer to understand the options available to you so that you can work toward your short term and long term business goals fully informed.  Ask for a commercial lender when you call Guaranty Bank at 319.286.6200.