Business Acquisition

business acquisition

When it’s time to think about business succession you might be passing your business on to a family member, selling to a loyal employee or perhaps you’re just starting to consider what your next phase of business will be.  Partnering with a commercial loan officer can help you navigate the planning process and understand your next steps.

Once you’ve set the plan for how you want to transition your business, we can make sure that the financing side of the business succession is in place so that the financial transactions move smoothly and you can move on to retirement or your next business venture.  

Existing Business Acquisition
Purchasing an existing business or franchise is a business strategy that allows for near immediate business start up.  Once you have evaluated the business opportunity and risks and decided you want to move forward you’ll need to secure financing.  A business acquisition loan from Guaranty Bank can be paired with funding from other sources, including SBA financing or private equity capital from other business ventures, to finance your new business purchase.  We will help you walk through the process and determine the best mix to finance your business acquisition in a way that makes sense for your business development goals.

Business Acquisition Experience Counts
With a strong history in business acquisition financing, the loan officers at Guaranty Bank are here to help you prepare for your next business investment.  To discuss your business acquisition loan needs, ask for a commercial lender when you call Guaranty Bank at 319.286.6200 or contact one of our business loan officers.