Fixed Asset

business equipment loansFixed asset loans give you the room to keep your capital working for your business as you grow and expand.

Use your fixed asset loan to acquire equipment or business systems that help you sustain and grow your operation. With flexible rates and terms, we can help you to choose the best business equipment loan for you.

Business Equipment Financing
In business it’s hard to forecast room in your budget to add a new delivery van to your fleet because business is growing rapidly in a new area.  And it rarely happens that a critical machine on your production line breaks down and needs replacement on your schedule.  A fixed asset loan from Guaranty Bank will help fill in the financing gaps for unexpected events and keep you running, and growing your business.

Small Business Equipment Loans
Fixed asset loans can also be your go-to solution for replacing outdated office equipment that fails on you.  Or better yet, outfitting desks and computers in the work space new employees you need to add to support business growth. 

Know Your Options for Fixed Asset Loans
Knowing your options and keeping fixed asset loans in mind as a bridge in your financing plan makes good business sense.  To learn more about your options for financing with fixed asset loans ask for a commercial lender when you call Guaranty Bank at 319-286-6200 or contact one of our business loan officers.