Cash Management

cash_mgmt.jpgManaging your cash flow is an essential part of your business at any level – from the new business to an established corporation. We offer cash management solutions that can streamline your banking processes and save you time that you can devote to other business activities.

Managed Services Save Time & Hassle

Business cash management services available from Guaranty Bank include Direct Deposit (ACH), Credit Card Merchant Services, Remote Deposit and Commercial Courier Services. Each of the services can save you time and hassle with direct ties to your business savings and business checking accounts at Guaranty Bank.

Cash Management Services Offer Convenience & Security

Business debit cards and credit cards make it convenient to access your business accounts for you and your staff members. Security features and the ability to set individual withdrawal limits and spending limits give you peace of mind. Our Visa business rewards card can even earn you cash back on purchases as well as reward options that include air travel and gift certificates.

Get Started with Cash Management Services

Meet with a member of our Cash Management team to take advantage of Guaranty Bank cash management options – call 319.286.6200 for an appointment today.