Direct Deposit (ACH)

At Guaranty Bank we offer direct deposit ACH Services that lower your business processing costs, improve your cash flow and benefit your employees.

Employee Payroll Direct Deposit

ACH Direct deposit is the most common transaction using the ACH network. Direct deposit allows your business to pay an employee for payroll, expense reimbursements, bonuses, pensions and dividends to a checking or savings account at their financial institution.

  • Direct deposit saves the time and cost of making a trip to the bank to deposit funds
  • Direct deposit means no chance for a paycheck to be lost or stolen
  • Direct deposit is convenient, safe, and reliable

Additional ACH Services

Business to Business ACH Payments are used for payments to or from your business for products or services you need or provide. They provide a faster way to collect your account receivables and manage your account payables.

State and Federal Tax Payments direct deposits save time and money by paying your regular tax estimates electronically. You may schedule payments ahead of time, but the funds will not be withdrawn from your account until the date specified. Tax payment information is confidential and all transmissions are secure.

Court Ordered Child Support Payments via direct deposit automatically withhold funds from your employees if they owe child support payments or other garnished wages. Funds are transmitted electronically to a court or other government agency.

Pre-Authorized Consumer ACH Payments are used for recurring payments to you. Your customer may give you authorization to have a payment directly debited from their checking or savings account. This can be used to collect club dues, rent, utilities, insurance, mortgage payments, donations and more.

These ACH cash management services improve your business cash flow through:

  • Reducing processing costs
  • Funds are made available immediately upon deposit (no holds)
  • Improves collections
  • Receiving fewer return items
  • Enhancing customer retention

ACH Benefits to your customers include:

  • Direct payments to a business means no writing checks to pay bills, no stamps to buy for mailing
  • Payments are never late because the timing of the payments are set up in advance
  • Only transactions a customer authorizes in writing can be debited from their account

Get Started with Direct Deposit

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