Remote Deposit

For businesses that deal primarily in check payments, where the convenience of a commercial banking courier service isn't a good fit, remote check deposits are a great way to streamline your bank deposit process from the comfort of your office.  Guaranty Bank will treat your electronic check deposit the same as if you had personally handed your checks to a bank teller for deposit.

Tools needed for Remote Check Deposit
At your location you will need to make sure you’re set up with:
  • A desktop scanner that can transmit images via your internet connection
  • A secure, high speed internet connection
To make a deposit, you scan the images of your checks and transfer them securely to Guaranty Bank.  The physical check never leaves your office, but the remote deposit is made into your business checking or business savings account.

Start Using Remote Check Deposit
To learn if Remote Desktop is a good fit for your business, contact Guaranty Bank at 319.286.6200.